About Whole Picture Thinking

In a world that is mired in complexity, people often say, “I wish I could see the whole picture to know what is going on and what is to be done”. I am here to help with exactly that challenge: helping clients see the whole picture and think their way through complexity.

I work with groups of people at various levels of organizations and communities, designing, facilitating and supporting engaging meetings. And I build the capacity of leaders to convene and participate in better conversations when I’m not around.

When clients work with me they get:

  • A lens for making sense of complex situations and systems
  • A way of engaging multiple learning and thinking styles - verbal, visual, somatic
  • Ability to see connections, synergies and tensions between parts of a whole
  • Skills for working productively through conflict and creative tension
  • Innovative and context-appropriate ideas generated from within groups
  • Strategic alignment and flourishing of leaders at every level of organization
  • Engaged and resilient teams, strengthened by their diversity
  • Capacity for ongoing learning and developmental inquiry
  • Clear and compelling communication tools for internal and external use