Out on Screen Public Statement

April 30, 2015 Conversation, Featured

I am incredibly proud to have played a role in drafting this public statement with the staff and board members of Out on Screen and Out in Schools. The organization behind the popular Vancouver Queer Film Festival faced a tough challenge when audiences demanded it take a stance on the inclusion of Israeli material (films, ads etc) in its programming. The maturity of the public statement is a testament to the sophistication and intensity of the nearly 20 hours of meetings I facilitated, and the hundreds of additional hours spend by Out on Screen staff and board to articulate this stance.

“Developing and outlining our position has been the result of a necessarily extensive and lengthy process. We have learned, through our guided process, that disagreement does not need to lead to alienation, though we recognize the risks. We wish to underscore our deep commitment to creating spaces that continue to inspire discussion, investigation and critique—and celebration. Yes, the fusion of art, queerness and social change can make for charged environments. This is the discomfort that comes with pluralism and healthy discourse. When, inevitably, we disagree, we urge our membership, allies and communities to remain aware of both our differences and our many points of connection.”

See the full statement at: http://queerfilmfestival.ca/blog/an-open-letter/